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Jason is awesome! He took my vision and made it work more magically than I could have ever imagined! The positive feedback that I’m getting from peers in my field is outstanding. Jason made my site function flawlessly on computers and mobile devices, and worked tirelessly to achieve even the smallest improvements. He welcomed feedback and participation at all stages of the process. His responsiveness to questions and turnaround time on action items blew me away. Jason was quite simply a joy and consummate professional to work with!Valerie HagerValerieHager.com

We hired Jason to do the development on our project. We stumbled upon him by chance, and could not be happier with the results he has produced. He responded excellently to our input, and was able to convert our vision into a reality. He was not hesitant to tackle new technologies to assure that the website would be cutting edge at its launch.

Jason was continually in touch with us, which allowed for very hands on development. He did not try to provide us with a packaged product, but instead, really took what we asked him for and built upon it. We feel we have found an amazing web developer, and plan on using him for all future web development on our site. James DNeedThisHere.com

I have had the opportunity to work with Jason a number of times and have, on numerous occasions, picked his brain on different concepts of the IT world that I was unfamiliar with. Time and time again, Jason has provided me with great information and has gone out of his way to assist me in any way he could. Knowing him since early 2001, I have seen excellent growth in his programming/design skill-sets and his desire to continuously grow in those areas. His attitude and success has proven what an asset he is and makes me look forward to the next opportunity I get to work with him.Leon DAstroCons!

I felt as if I had to write a testimonial about Jason from JAGWebStudios.com. I’ve had a business for about 25 years and decided to take it to the next level which was to offer my services internationally. I had tried to put something together, myself. I failed. I was able to put together a wordpress site, but my students complained that it wasn’t “slick enough.” Fine. I got frustrated, so I contacted Jason from JAG Web Studios, because I saw his amazing work online. In just a matter of hours, he put together a custom web design, which was both slick and easy to navigate. He did customizations for both web browser and mobile navigation. Not only did he give me what I asked for, but I liked his suggestions and ideas better than my own. Seriously… I realized I was working a web MASTER, not a webmaster :p. No joke. In my opinion, he’s a master web designer who is very easy to work with. What a great attitude! If I had a request, he immediately did it and more than what I asked for! I can’t recommend Jason highly enough to anyone who wants to have a great website from a fine craftsman.Steven SchnurmanSchnurman Voice Studios

We’re really excited … I cannot thank you enough for your work on the site. It fits our needs really perfectly.Kati FAll For One Theater

I am over the moon excited about my website, created by Jason Goldberg and JAG Web Studios. Initially, I couldn’t put into the correct words what I wanted the site to look like. I just told Jason “I would like the website to be creative, fun, yet clean and sophisticated.” He created a website that hit upon all my needs and brought it to the next level.

I will confidently recommend Jason and JAG Web Studios to ANYONE wanting a website that reflects their company, personality and needs.
Alison Caiola (Author)AlisonCaiola.com